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Solo Auditions Thursday 28th July

Hi all!

Thank you so much for participating in our audition workshops. It has been a great way of getting to meet you all and seeing what you can do!

You do not need to re-audition if you want to be considered for a role in ensemble or as a featured dancer. However, booking an solo audition is the best way to maximise your chances of getting into the show, and also a fantastic way to practice for future auditions!

If you have put you name down on the solo audition list, you (or your parent) should have been contacted to give you a time to arrive at the hall.

If you have not been notified, or wish to book a solo audition, please contact us at

You will be arriving in groups of 5 at your allocated time, but you will be auditioned individually, so you may need to wait a little while.

In the audition, please let us know which character you would like to audition for. We will ask you READ WITH ACCENT from the sheet given to you on Thursday night. (Attached below if you weren’t there on Thursday night.)

If your character also requires a singing audition, we will listen to you SING. You may keep it simple and sing Happy Birthday or Advance Australia Fair if you like. You may like to sing a song of your choosing that best suits your voice. If you are bringing a backing track, please make sure it is ready to go on your phone or speaker BEFORE you enter the audition room.

Please note – YOUR AUDITION WILL BE QUICK. Most of you will be in and out in under 5 minutes. We may stop you half way during your reading or your song because you have already impressed us!

As you can see by the character list, we are looking to cast multiple speaking and non speaking roles. We will be looking for ACCENT, DICTION, VOLUME and CHARACTER in the reading and in the singing.

The audition panel will confer this weekend and cast announcements will be made Sunday night.