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Milton Follies AGM will be held 3pm Sunday 4th December 2022 at Ulladulla Marine Rescue, Lot 331 Wason Street Ulladulla.

Our November 2022 production of Monty Python’s Spamalot Young@Part was an incredible success! Thank you to our cast, our crew, our committee and our community!

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2023!

Tickets sales open 1st October

Buy your tickets here:

Ticket Prices

Adults $25*

Child / Student / Concession $20*

Groups of 4+ $20*

(Price excludes B&H fee)

Show dates and times

Friday 11th November 7pm                    

Saturday 12th  November 5 pm                   

Sunday 13th November 2pm                        

Friday 18th November 7pm

Saturday 19th  November 5 pm                    

Sunday 20th November 2pm                        


We have been blown away the interest in our November 2022 Production of Monty Python’s Spamalot Young@Part. We have had over 50 performers audition for the show, the largest ever turnout.

Thank you to everyone who came to our July Audition Workshops and Solo Auditions. We have been amazed by your enthusiasm, talent and hard work.

The audition panel was looking for maturity, enthusiasm, ability to follow instructions, dancing, acting and singing talent or just that “something special”.

Unfortunately, the show calls for only 25 performers, and Milton Theatre is unable to cater for casts much larger than this. If breaks our hearts not to be able to take you all.

However, we are very excited to announce out cast for Monty Python’s Spamalot Young@Part!

Congratulations to the following performers!


Arthur: Lucas M

Patsy: Zoe B

Lady of the Lake: Bella B

Sir Galahad / Dennis: Nazar E

Sir Robin: Zach S

Sir Lancelot: Lorelai D

Sir Bevedere: Alara B

Historians: Adannaya E, Abby L, Karina M

Featured Dancers:

Mya L, Ava G, Jemima L, Lily B, Tahlia H, Lara Y

Ensemble Roles:

Sir Ni Knight: Isabella Y

Brother Maynaud: Poppi B

Dennis’ Mother: Rosie S

Tim the Enchanter: Lucy C

French Gaurds: Ethan S, Harley S

Drop Dead Fred: Nicholas M

Lady of the Lounge: Emily H

Sir Bors: Spencer B

Voice of God: Will S

English Guards: Holly F, Elsie F, Charly I

Sir Not Appearing in This Show + Rabbit Puppeteer: Jack F

Silent Monks: Finn M, Zane M, Manu M

Please contact us ASAP at if you are unable to accept your role.

First rehearsal is MONDAY 1st AUGUST.

We require ALL performers from 6-7pm. If you have not been in a Follies production before, please bring a parent.

We will require ALL LEADS from 7-8pm. Could all leads please bring a blank USB to the first rehearsal.

Spamalot Young@Part

Solo Auditions Thursday 28th July

Hi all!

Thank you so much for participating in our audition workshops. It has been a great way of getting to meet you all and seeing what you can do!

You do not need to re-audition if you want to be considered for a role in ensemble or as a featured dancer. However, booking an solo audition is the best way to maximise your chances of getting into the show, and also a fantastic way to practice for future auditions!

If you have put you name down on the solo audition list, you (or your parent) should have been contacted to give you a time to arrive at the hall.

If you have not been notified, or wish to book a solo audition, please contact us at

You will be arriving in groups of 5 at your allocated time, but you will be auditioned individually, so you may need to wait a little while.

In the audition, please let us know which character you would like to audition for. We will ask you READ WITH ACCENT from the sheet given to you on Thursday night. (Attached below if you weren’t there on Thursday night.)

If your character also requires a singing audition, we will listen to you SING. You may keep it simple and sing Happy Birthday or Advance Australia Fair if you like. You may like to sing a song of your choosing that best suits your voice. If you are bringing a backing track, please make sure it is ready to go on your phone or speaker BEFORE you enter the audition room.

Please note – YOUR AUDITION WILL BE QUICK. Most of you will be in and out in under 5 minutes. We may stop you half way during your reading or your song because you have already impressed us!

As you can see by the character list, we are looking to cast multiple speaking and non speaking roles. We will be looking for ACCENT, DICTION, VOLUME and CHARACTER in the reading and in the singing.

The audition panel will confer this weekend and cast announcements will be made Sunday night.



Hooley dooley! What an incredible workshop last week!

Time to do it all again 🙂

Join us this Monday at the Milton CWA Hall at 6pm.

We’ll be playing drama games, learning a song from the show and practicing lines from the show until 7:30pm.

From 7:30 – 8pm our choreographer Ash will be teaching some harder dance choreography. If you are interested in a featured dancing role, we want you to stick around! (If dancing is not your thing, you can go home at 7:30.)

Solo auditions for leading / speaking roles will be on Thursday 28th July at the Milton CWA Hall.

If you would like to audition for a major role, you will need to book an audition slot on this date. Depending on the role you are auditioning for, you will need to read an audition piece with accent and possibly sing for us. (See attached document for all the Solo Audition Instructions.)

If you are happy to be considered for ensemble / featured ensemble / dancing roles only, you do not have to come to solo auditions.


Young @ Part Monty Python’s Spamalot

Milton Follies is excited to announce our November 2022 youth production Spamalot!

We want everyone to come to both audition workshop dates on Thursday 21st July AND Monday 25th July at Milton CWA Hall 6-8pm. There are multiple speaking and singing roles in this show so we need to see what everybody can do! This is also your opportunity to meet our production crew, see what the show is about, and decide whether this production is for you 🙂

We will be playing theatre games and workshopping some of the scenes from the show.

We will also be asking everyone to group sing “Happy Birthday”, “Advance Australia Fair” or “Let It Go” from Frozen to hear your singing voices. There will be NO solo singing at these audition workshops.

We will also spend some time teaching you some simple moves (think box step / grapevine / jazz hands) to see who we can use as a featured dancer. There will be NO solo dancing at these audition workshops.

Casting for leading roles will be on Thursday 28th July. If you would like to audition for a major role, you will need to book a ten minute audition slot on this date. You will be asked to perform a song solo (Happy Birthday, Advance Australia Fair or Frozen’s Let It Go. If there is another song you would like to perform, please bring your own backing track and phone / speaker to perform with.) You will also read some lines solo with the casting panel – expect to possibly read for several parts.

If you are happy to be considered for ensemble / featured ensemble / dancing roles only, you do not have attend on this date.

We hope to see you there!

Please click on the link below for information about getting involved with our upcoming show.

Any questions? Email us at

Please have a look at New Day Children’s Theatre’s production for an idea of the show.