Code of Conduct

Incorporating duty of care for the safety of children and all participants, volunteers, and representatives.

All Milton Follies Inc. Members must sign that they have read and understood this policy.

Milton Follies Inc. provides an open, welcoming and safe environment for all members, including child members. We seek advice and guidance from children, parents and colleagues so these standards are maintained.

Everyone involved in this organisation (including volunteers, children and parents) must keep to the following codes of behaviour.


• Treat all members with dignity, equality and respect.
• Be fair, considerate and honest with everyone, (this includes volunteers, children and parents).
• Listen to and value the ideas and opinions of all members.
• Aim to ensure all members understand they are valued members of the production.
• Remember to act as a positive role model in your conduct with children.
• Develop positive relationships with all members based on mutual trust and open communication.
• Be professional in your actions through your use of language, presentation, manner and punctuality.
• Respect the privacy of all members and only disclose information to people who have a need to know.
• Report any breaches of these standards of behaviour to a committee member promptly.
• Maintain strict impartiality.


• Discriminate against any member because of age, gender, cultural background,
religion, ability, beliefs, vulnerability or sexuality.
• Engage in behaviour that is intended to shame, humiliate, oppress, belittle, ostracize or degrade anyone.
• Engage in any activity with a member that is likely to physically or emotionally harm them.
• Photograph or video a member without the consent of the member or parental consent of members under 18.

• Engage with Follies activities while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Inappropriate behaviour toward children WILL NOT be tolerated.

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

• Overly familiar physical affection towards children or any unnecessary physical contact with children
• Marginalising or excluding specific children
• Showing favouritism towards specific children such as the offering of gifts, special thanks, special treatment or inappropriate attention
• Subjecting children to any form of physical punishment, social isolation, immobilisation or any other conduct likely to humiliate or frighten children
•Members, other than designated supervisors, entering children’s dressing rooms
• Children entering adult’s dressing rooms
• Closing doors in rooms where children are present, unless children need privacy to dress
• Allowing children to (un)dress with others around (dressing and undressing should take place in private)
• Doing things of a personal nature for children that they are able to do for themselves, such as going to the toilet or dressing
• Taking photos without explicit permission from both relevant management and parent/s
• Gossiping in the presence of children
• Distressing a child for the purpose of eliciting a dramatic reaction
• Developing any ‘special’ relationships with children outside of the professional relationship or arranging contact with children outside of show obligations.

Policy Breaches and Consequences

If any member breaches this policy, Milton Follies may impose sanctions which include but are not limited to:

A reprimand;
A direction to make verbal or written apology;
Imposing a ban on taking part in a Milton Follies related activity;
Exclusion from participation in the current production;
Exclusion from participation in future Milton Follies productions;
Referral of the matter to the police.