Milton Follies is managed by a committee of volunteers.
These volunteers are elected into the committee each year at the organisation’s AGM.
Any member can stand for election into the management committee.

2017 Milton Follies Executive Committee

Public Officer: Ruth Myers

President: Ruth Myers

Vice President: Daniel Costello

Secretary: Natalie Moore

Treasurer: Ruth Myers

Publicity Officer: Katrina Condie

Activities Officer: Suzanne Sayers

Milton Theatre Liason Officer: Sean Hendry

Additional Committee Roles
Assistant Treasurer: Steven
Child Safety: Natalie Moore
Costume Hire: Daniel Costello
Grants Officer: K-M Doyle
Other Venue Liaison: Daniel Costello
Social Media: Elissa Skinner
Social Officer: Elissa Skinner
Sponsorship/Raffles Coordinator: Ryoko Hayashi
RSA Coordination: Natalie Moore
Web Master: K-M Doyle

Committee members, past and present, keeping every aspect of Follies running smoothly:

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