Management Committee

Milton Follies is pleased to announce its 2019 Committee. We are delighted to welcome both old and new faces, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have stepped down from the 2018 committee for their hard work.

Executive Committee

• President: Sean Hendry
• Vice President: Ruth Myers
• Treasurer: Bryan Rae
• Secretary: Allan Dean
• Publicity Officer: Jennifer Sach
• Sponsorship Officer: Steven S
• Social Director: Daniel Costello

General Committee

• Public Officer: Ruth Myers
• Assistant treasurer: Ruth Myers
• Assistant secretary: Daniel Costello
• Webmaster: Katrina Condie
• Milton Theatre Liaison Officer: Dianna Falloon
• CWA Hall Liaison Officer: Daniel Costello
• Costume Hire: Daniel Costello
• Facebook monitor: Elissa Skinner
• RSA Co-ordination: Bill Lampard

Committee members, past and present, keeping every aspect of Follies running smoothly:

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