Milton Follies 2021 Theatre Workshop

Milton Follies is proud to present our 2021 THEATRE WORKSHOPS.

With Covid shutting down our 2020 and June 2021 shows, we’re keen to try something different – theatre workshops!

Our workshops will give newcomers and regulars a chance to improve their skills in theatre including stagecraft, choreography, improvisation, singing and performance.

We hope to create connections, strengthen friendships, build self confidence, improve self esteem and have fun.We also hope that you consider using your skills in future shows!

Classes will be on Tuesday afternoons / evenings during school terms 1 and 2, from March 2nd to June 22nd, and will be grouped into primary, high school and adult classes.

The classes will cost $100 for the entire run. Milton Follies is a Creative Kids Provider and will accept the Creative Kids Voucher as payment.

We expect the classes to be popular, so reserve your spot now!

To reserve your place, please send your name,date of birth and contact phone number to

Frequently asked questions

  • Where will the workshops be held?

The workshops will be held at the CWA hall, 56 Wason Street Milton.

  • Who is running the workshops?

The workshops will be run by Milton Follies directors, choreographers, musical directors and performers. Depending on the workshop activity, participants will be mentored in large or small groups, or individually.

  • Do I need to audition?

No! You need no prior experience to participate. You will need to register as soon as possible as we will be limiting numbers.

  • What time will the workshops run?

This is still to be finalised. We are hoping to run three separate classes, but as numbers are yet to be confirmed, the times are yet to be finalised. If numbers allow, we may consider a Thursday class.

  • Primary                     5.40 – 6.30
  • High School              6.40 – 7.30
  • Adults                        7.40 – 8.30
  • Can infants school students participate?

Being new to this, Milton Follies is not planning on running an infant’s school class. However, let us know if your infant’s school child is interested in participating and we will base our final decision when we know final numbers.

  • Will there be a performance after these workshops?

We are hoping that each group will be able to stage a small performance of skits, scenes, monologues and musical numbers at the end of June at the CWA hall or similar. This will depend on NSW Health Guidelines at that time.

  • What do I need to bring?

Bring a water bottle and comfortable shoes for learning simple dance steps. (Sneakers are ok, thongs are not.)

  • Is Milton Follies putting on a show this year?

At this stage, we are hoping to put Vicar of Dibley on in November 2021, pending the lifting of Covid restrictions. We are hoping to stage an all ages or junior show in 2022.

  • Will Covid restrictions be in place?

Yes. Milton Follies will adhere to all restrictions put in place by NSW Health, including temperature screening prior to entry, exclusion of unwell participants or participants who have been to hot spots, hand sanitisation, frequent cleaning and social distancing as practical. Singing will not be introduced until restrictions lift.

  • I have more questions! Who do I contact? How do I know if I’m in?

Our email address is We suggest you register your interest for the workshops with your questions. We don’t want you to miss out! We will announce on Facebook when the classes are full. If you have made it, we will send you an email confirming your class day and time.